Many major health insurers provide full coverage for acupuncture in Washington State now.

We are the preferred providers for the following insurance companies:

– Aetna WA CAM
– Coordinated Care WA
– First Choice Health Plans
– Lifewise of Washington
– Kaiser Permanente (many plans cover 5-8 self-referred visits per year)
– Kaiser Permanente Options (many plans cover 5-8 self-referred visits per year)
– Premera Blue Cross
– Premera Basic Health
– Premera Health Plus
– Premera Lifewise
– Regence Blue Shield
– Regence Blue Shield Boeing
– Uniform Medical Plan
– L&I Claims
– Auto Accident Claims

Please note that Medicare does not cover acupuncture. If your insurance plan is secondary to Medicare, it usually does not cover acupuncture, but you could call your insurance company to verify your individual plan for acupuncture benefits.

Most acupuncture coverage is limited to specific conditions. So even if you have acupuncture benefits, your condition may not be covered. To avoid any surprises, it is advisable to call your insurance company to verify what your acupuncture benefits are. Please call your insurance company regarding your individual plan for specific benefits, as we do not know the specifics of every single plan. The phone number should be on the front or back side of your insurance card. We will check your acupuncture benefits when you come in for an acupuncture visit.

For further information, please contact us at (206) 525-1328.